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Either can or cannot lose weight?
 Welcome to my weight loss site
  As we all know, obesity is a growing concern in the world.

  Excess pounds may slowly begin to accumulate in childhood .Children are physically inactive (but sometimes a week).Several hours a day, will use computers and televisions over 90% of boys and girls. TV and computer use, however, is with a sedentary lifestyle, which, together with unhealthy diet leads to obesity and elevated blood pressure. Later, self-maintaining not caring lifestyle, sooner or later arise in several years health problems. Then, we have been willing to take the weight way down.

  Many people are quite lazy and while little willpower.Weight loss, or prefer to keep their slim bodyline workout instead of making it either not at all to eat, or eat only plant foods, and even this little. Then we find that we have control of their diet overlap gone. Starvation and humiliation of the organism however, the impact is not well.

  Accompanied by fatigue, difficulty focusing, moody, stomach pains and diarrhea, and various  allergies, as well as skin aging. However, the body has its own specific needs, we need to consider if we want to be healthy and functional. This is why the most common tools used for weight loss.May bring a nutrition specialist, who according to her man and puts the healthy lifestyle of eating the menu, use the various diets; deal with yoga, workouts and drills.

  The average energy consumption of the various operations. The figures given are kilo calories per minute per kilogram of body weight.             (Heyward, V.H. Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription. 2-nd ed. Human Kinetics Books, Champaign, 1991)
Walking                                        0.08
Running (depending on speed),         0.135 to 0.189
Aerobics                                       0.105
Swimming (depending on speed) from 0.155 to 0.165
Ballet dance                                  0.168
Weight training                              0.185
Judo                                            0.195
Boxing                                          0.222
Badminton                                     0.097
Tennis                                          0.109
Soccer                                         0.132
Basketball                                     0.138
Sitting office                                 0.029
Shoemakers work                           0.045
Rooms clean                                  0.062
Destruction of trees                        0.297

  In the DIETS  section is picked several interesting findings from the Web, all which might be of interest.I will try this list from time to time be supplemented and updated so that everyone would find something pleasing.

             All you good health and success in weight reduction desirous. 


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